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How We Roll

With 4 Strength , 2 Conditioning and 1 Core session a week, our 55-minute programs take a focus-driven approach using only the required effective training dosage to get you stronger, leaner and fitter.
With a dynamic blend of training styles, we offer a holistic approach to fitness that includes improving strength, conditioning, mobility, stability and endurance. But we’re more than just a gym –
we’re a community that believes in the spirit of “work hard, play hard.”
When you join us, you’ll work hard to achieve your goals, but you’ll also have fun along the way.
Come sweat, laugh, and enjoy better health and well being with us.

With a variety of classes available , explore new exercises, movements and our joyful community.
Discover what you makes you look forward to coming everyday.
Just focus on showing-up and leave the levelling-up to us.

Come full circle with your unique fitness needs with our personal training.
Receive a workout plan that is tailored to your goals and abilities.
We will also help you discover new exercises and techniques that are specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

Phase 1: Balance & Stability

This phase is designed to establish a strong foundation by improving balance, stability and awareness primarily through exercises that target the stabilizer muscles and enhance body control.

Phase 2: Control

Building on the foundation established in phase one, this phase focuses on developing greater control over the body’s movements, using pre-determined tempo and control through various ranges of motion.

Phase 3: Confidence

The goal of this phase is to build confidence in the individual’s abilities by increasing the intensity of the exercises. The individual is encouraged to push themselves to achieve their goals.

Phase 4: Muscle Endurance

In this phase, the focus is on building muscle endurance. The exercises are designed to fatigue the muscles, forcing them to adapt and become more resistant to fatigue.

Phase 5: Strength

The final phase of the program is focused on building strength. Heavy resistance training is incorporated to develop greater strength and power. The program concludes with testing to measure progress and identify areas for further improvement.