Our 45 minutes group classes are designed to benefit people with any level of fitness and training background.
It has two primary focuses:

1. Improve how you look in terms of body composition and that means more lean muscles and less fats.

2. Improve your fitness which is defined by
– How fast & explosive you can be
– How long you can last
– How much energy you can exert
– How efficient you are in the exercises

Challenge yourself by taking your compound lifts to the next level with CAVO strength as we guide you to lift efficiently so you can set your focus towards progression through increasing the weights in every session.

Feel the Burn is a resistance-based program that uses unilateral exercises to target muscle groups specifically. It also helps to promote balanced muscle growth, utility and endurance. Guaranteed a ‘pump’ after every workout!

Cardio HIIT conditions your body to improve its cardiorespiratory capacity and endurance. This will help improve your ability to push further, last longer and recover faster.

The human body will not change unless it’s forced to, and in order to progress, muscles must be made to work harder than they’re used to.  and that is what Roadtrip is all about.

In this session, we constantly put your muscles to the challenge by  increasing the volume and training demands for continual progress in muscle size, strength, and endurance.

TURBO aims to build your maximum output by targeting your power and capacity at threshold with multiple short bursts of high intensity exercise.

In Slackline, we train the muscles of the core not by doing hundreds of crunches or sit-ups instead we focus on core activation and stabilization through a series of anti-movements. Unlock the true function of your core with us!

In this session, we challenge your ability to perform and complete a set amount of task in various combination of both strength and cardio exercises. This will test the limits of your stamina and endurance as you power through whatever it takes to get it done!


In personal training, you are motivated through each and every move by our trainer who will be intimately familiar with your weaknesses, strengths, and needs.

Beginning with a proper evaluation, your workouts are built specifically to address your goals. And not just for your body type, but in consideration of your health history and your baseline level of fitness.

Results both small and big are tracked and acknowledged consistently, providing the powerful motivator of positive reinforcement.

Beyond all these factors is your wish list. What are you looking for from your workouts? Your personal goals will then be used as a constant point of reference  in your sessions for continual progress.


This all-inclusive package consists of:

(1) Program planning tailored to your needs;

This serves as your master plan where we ascertain your goals, expectations, schedule, and any other pertinent information. Along with regular check-ins to ensure you remain on track as we help monitor your progress. This is a huge advantage that is lacking at nearly all group fitness facilities.

(2) Unlimited access to all group classes;

Take advantage of our full class suite to build up your fitness baseline and supplement to your prescribed training volume on top of the weekly PT sessions.

(3) Two Personal Training sessions weekly;

This is where we can start to get really specific on what you came for. While the unlimited group class access brings you the volume of sessions required to really improve your fitness, personal training will let us spend time working on your specific plan.

(4) Workout and Nutrition Tracking;

This is the icing on the cake when it comes to securing your fitness goals! We will help you track your workouts and what you eat to ensure you will always be on the right track to hit your goals.